(Type:Multi-function Beauty Equipment,breast Massager,derma Rolling System,anti-wrinkle Machine,facial Massager,facial Steamer,facial Tanner,laser,magnifying Lamp,mesotherapy Gun,microdermabrasion Machine,no-needle Mesotherapy Device,oxygen Jet,pdt,rf,skin Anal Certification:Ce Rohs )
  • Multifunctional Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products
  • Price:USD 20.00
  • Min. Order :500 Piece
  • Region:China
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  • Type:Multi-function Beauty Equipment,breast Massager,derma Rolling System,anti-wrinkle Machine,facial Massager,facial Steamer,facial Tanner,laser,magnifying Lamp,mesotherapy Gun,microdermabrasion Machine,no-needle Mesotherapy Device,oxygen Jet,pdt,rf,skin Anal
  • Certification:Ce Rohs
  • Place Of Origin:China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:J-style
  • Model Number:Jc-2905
  • Product Name:Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products
  • Material:Abs
  • Color:Any Color Is Avaliable
  • Technology:Ultrasonic And Photon Care(red,yellow,blue
  • Dimension:15.3*6.82*6.53cm
  • Function:Cleansing, Massaging, Nutrition Importing, Color Lightening
  • Treatment Head:Stainless Steel Treatment Head
  • Ultrasonic Intensity:High -medium-low
  • Work Mode:Continuous / Pulse
  • Style:Face Machine
Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products
IPL Ultrasonic and photon care
led light 3 levels intensity
2 work modes

   Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products


JC-2905 Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products, designed for facial beautification, is a professional technology using ultrasound and natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. The ultrasonic reactivates the aged skin cells, making the skin supple and healthy, making a beautiful face surface. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to reverses the major signs of skin aging to make you look and feel more youthful, rested and refreshed.



The Three Bio-effects of  Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products

Ultrasound waves, at tremedous speeds, have an effect on tissue just like that of massage. We usually call this mechanical effect micro-massage. It can be applied equally to surface tissues (like skin) or deeper tissue that underlies our beauty structure, such as muscle and fat deposits.
Warming Effect:


Warmth is produced by vigorous friction of the molecules in high-speed vibration. Warmth has long been recognized for its skin-freshening and enhancing properties, as well as its virtues in controlling pain and promoting healing. 
The effects of ultrasound on fluids are to promote the production of tinier and tiner droplets, or micro bubbles, which faciliate and energize processes like cleansing, absorption, and dissolving of nutrients and moisturizers



Ultrasonic Test for  Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products    


The ultrasound massager emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that it cannot be seen or felt by the surface of our skin - so don't think your Ultrasonic Massager isn't working!To test it, place a drop or two of water on the metal head of the Ultrasonic Massager, then press 'Power' switch to turn on. You will see how the water is broken into tinier and tinier droplets by the action of micro-vibration.




 EFFICIENCY OF PHOTONIC WAVES of Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products  


To repair cell and skin, red light revive, blue light kill bacteria and yellow light lighten spot.


Red Photon wave: 630 mm (nanometer) wavelength - Suitable for any type of skin, enhance blood circulation, make collagen fiber and elasticity fiber of the deep department reconfigure and resume elasticity at the same time.


Blue Photon wave: 470mm (nanometer) wavelength - Suitable for sensitive and oil types of skin. Moderate acnitis to achieve getting rid of acne & blemishes. Produce enough collagen , make the cell recombination.


Yellow Photon wave: 590mm (nanometer) wavelength - Reduce spot and fleck, restrain melanin.








 Components and Operation of  Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products



  Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products





Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products  

*Ultrasonic technology with frequency of 1MHZ,and PHOTON red yellow blue


* Big and Stainless steel treatment head for both facial and body care 


* Ergonomic Design, very fashionable and convenient to carry anywhere anytime


* Massage by ultrasonic wave for deep induction to activate cell movement

* Great for helping your skin to absorb skin care products


* Enhance the activation of the skin; give you a moistening and soft skin.







One Device, Multiple Functions

  Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products

1 Alimentary Absorption:

 Owing to the high-speed and nanometer ultrasonic vibration, the alimentary cream will be divided into particle instantly. Then cooperate with yellow Photonic wave to enhance the absorption.


2 Acne Amelioration:

 Deep clean skin, helps to retrieve the original healthy skin by removing the old dead cells and other contaminations.


3. Skin Rejuvenation:

By means of deep vibrations of ultrasonic, the cellular tissues strongly repeat stretching and shrinking, accelerate the blood circulation, soften the cellulite and excrete waste.


4. Wrinkle Management:

The Photon & Ultrasonic stimulates the production of collagen and refine fine lines and wrinkles. Intense pulsed light is an effective method of attaining a more youthful complexion in a short time.


5. Balancing skin and increasing blood circulation:

The metabolic cycling period of skin is about 28 days. Enhancing the metabolic function of skin will keep your skin both looking smooth and feeling smooth. The Ultrasonic Photon Beauty Device penetrates deep into skin tissue and blood capillaries, then turns light energy to heat energy. Through the absorption of skin tissue, it promotes blood circulation and balance the skin - leaving your skin healthy, tightened and radiant.


6. Imperfections from sun damage and photo-aging:

Intense pulsed light works by emitting a specialized light that passes through the skin and is preferentially absorbed by its target, the unwanted pigment in the skin.


7.Firming and lifting your skin:

As our skin ages, we experience a decline in skin texture that may be seen as enlarged pores and coarseness, plus a loss of smoothness and elasticity. The light energy of Photon & Ultrasonic Beauty Device penetrates deeply into the skin tissue, stimulating a higher rate of new cell production, improving elasticity, enhancing firmness and reducing pore size as well.



 How to use Beauty Massager Ultrasonic Organic Beauty Products






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